Cuisine: Chinese, Thai, Japanese, European.
Schedule: 13:00 - last guest

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VIP restaurant on the Dnieper in Kiev

Thai and Japanese cuisine of high quality, as well a rich selection of grill menu. All food is a source of vitality for all people. However, healthy food is always useful and tasty, which strengthens the immune system and improves health. A large number of vitamins, minerals and other useful nutrients produce more energy from this food. Each country has its own cuisine, and in each, you can cook healthy food. To one of them belongs Chinese cuisine. Its advantages is that food is marinated or soaked, finely cut and cook a short time, so that all the nutrients remain in the food and easily digested because of the low calorie content. Frequent addition of spicy and mild spices makes Chinese food brighter and more varied. Prices of Chinese restaurants in Ukraine or in Europe range from low to high, depending on the culinary institution, the quality of products, service and so on. The restaurant offers a special menu of dishes cooked on the grill.


Here you can taste the most delicious courses from 10 cooks of the best Chinese restaurants. The menu amazes with the variety: great numbers of seafood dishes, fish and meat, and an unimaginable option of vegetarian dishes. The hit of the menu is Peking duck, it prepares by one cook only and under the unique recipe. The European menu and grill are also at your service.


Japanese restaurants in Kiev offer a unique variety of dishes, the basis of which there are plenty of raw foods such as fish, fruits, vegetables and some seafood. Only natural raw products can show their unique and inimitable taste. The most popular dishes of Japanese cuisine are sushi, noodles, soups cooked in different ways. Therefore, it has a lot of kinds and flavors that offer Japanese restaurants of Kiev. Ukrainian business restaurant Mandarin invites you to visit a culinary institution that has a bright variety of Asian food, namely, you can taste the extraordinary Chinese cuisine and the unique Japanese food. Restaurant Karaoke Mandarin will pleasantly surprise you with a variety of Chinese, Japanese, European and Thai dishes.


The most important advantages of this restaurant near the water are:

  • Only fresh and high quality products
  • Quickly and high-quality preparation of all dishes
  • Unsurpassed flavor of food
  • Reasonable prices
  • Attentive and prompt service
  • Individual approach to each client
  • The cozy atmosphere of the Ukrainian restaurant
  • Possibility of organization cocktail parties, banquets and other events
  • Exclusive interior decor of the restaurant in an Asian style
  • Nice music and the right lighting
  • Great view of the Dnipro River
  • The ability to order food on the road, fast delivery, and much more.

This restaurant combines Chinese and Japanese restaurant, it is a universal culinary institution with a huge and constantly growing number of fine Chinese and Japanese cuisine. This elite expensive restaurant on the water is a great place for a quiet holiday and goodies, unusual and delicious dishes of professional chefs with lots of experience. Japanese restaurant will delight you with a large selection of main dishes, side dishes, desserts and drinks that offer Japanese cuisine in Kiev.


Here you can book a table in the night restaurant in Kiev and spend an unforgettable romantic evening, tasting fresh and quality cooked food with Chinese food or Japanese food in a pleasant atmosphere. Look in the menu on the restaurant's website and read more detailed about our food and prices Mandarin restaurant. Come and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the club restaurant near the water. We will be happy to see you!

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